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The Notion of Celebration and Murrays Poetry

The very notion of celebration poses a great difficulty to define, espe

The Necessity of Teaching Literature in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Government Colleges in India (An off-hand Survey)

Many years ago, Jug Suraiya, a famous journalist recorded an experience

The Guru and the Google-Ite: The Oriental Vis a Vis the Occidental

A couple of years ago, I was heading a panel of paper-setters for a sta

Whispers of Eternity: Arawlii, where Mountains Meet the Sky

We, at ARAWLII, quest, discover and invent a world worth loving, worth living in. We are the Ubuntu racers toward the invaluable pouch of literary candies.

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Bibhu Padhi

A major poet from Odisha and advisor to the Academy, is also one of the members of the Editorial Board of the Academy’s flagship.

Adele C. Geraghty

A UK based writer, poet and publisher, is currently on the Editorial Board of Prosopisia.

Anthony Fisher

The UK based poet and founder of Enfield Poets, is a frequent collaborator and advisor on various publications of the Academy.

Satendra Nandan

A poet from Fiji/Australia, is currently on the Editorial Board of Prosopisia.

Jayanta Mahapatra

Late Jayanta Da was one of the founding members of the Academy and ever since its inception was on the advisory bord of Prosopisia till his demise.

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Whispers of the Unseen

By Anuraag Sharma
Critiquing Poetry & Art of Satish Verma and Pramod Singh 
(A sequel to Poetry in Shock)

Price 1500 rs or 25$





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