(Academy of 'raitƏ*(s) And World Literati)


The Hamlet-century has begun. The 'not-to-be' is, for sure, the surety. Impending too. The struggle for 'to-be' is the only way out. After the murder of a Duncan at the behest of an urge for 'to-be', after the sacrifice of a Desdemona at the pretext of a 'not-to-be', a despot will go mad caught in a storm at the Heath crying:

As flies to wanton boys are
we to the gods.

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There would be three planks of activities of the Academy :




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1. To promote creative writing in English in particular.

2. To strengthen the cultural ties which bind India with other countries through:

  • Inviting Creative writers and poets of other countries with a provision of writer-in-residence type Fellowship.

  • Organizing A.R.A.W.LII. Festival:
    a congregation of poets and creative writers for 3 to 5 days in Ajmer itself. It will include apart from Poets' Meet, Conferences/Symposia and Poetry Workshops as well especially for budding creative writers.

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Clustered around by the ancient Aravali ranges, Ajmer has been a holy city. It has remained a great center of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Muslims down the past centuries. Ajmer is a true blend of rich Hindu and Islamic heritage. The sacred lake of Pushkar believed by Hindus to be as old as creation along with the temple of Brahma has been a place of pilgrimage since time immemorial. The great Sufi Saint Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chisti of Persia was buried here and his Dargah is equally sacred for the followers of all relegions. 

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Prosopis, from which the name of the proposed Journal is derived, is the State-tree of Rajasthan and has a mushroom growth on the foothills of the Aravali Ranges. The tree has succeeded in withstanding the odds by requiring considerable drought hardiness. It is above all, a legume and it improves soil fertility. There is a popular saying in Rajasthan that death will not visit a man even at the time of a famine, if he has a Prosopis, a goat and a camel, since the three together would sustain him under the most trying conditions.

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